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Tools and Supplies to make a sticky tape trap for stick insects
1 Sticky tape (double-sided)
2 Scissors
3 Cardboard
4 Pencil
5 Ruler
6 Spray adhesive (optional)
7 Insect bait (optional)

How to make a sticky tape trap for stick insects

DIY Sticky Tape Trap: Catching Stick Insects Made Easy!

Sticky tape traps are an effective way to catch stick insects in your home or garden. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make your own sticky tape trap:

Step 1: Cut a strip of sticky tape to the desired length. The length of the tape will depend on the size of the area you want to cover.

Step 2: Fold the ends of the tape over to create tabs. This will make it easier to remove the tape from the surface once it has caught a stick insect.

Step 3: Place the sticky tape in the area where you have seen stick insects. Make sure the tape is sticky side up and pressed firmly onto the surface.

Step 4: Check the trap regularly to see if any stick insects have been caught. If the tape becomes full of debris, replace it with a new strip.

Step 5: Once you have caught a stick insect, carefully remove the tape from the surface using the tabs you created in step 2. Dispose of the tape and the stick insect.

By following these simple steps, you can easily make a sticky tape trap for stick insects. Remember to check the trap regularly and dispose of any caught insects in a humane and ethical manner.

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